Cash Saver

Cash Saver

Re-inspection Date:  December 31, 2019

Critical violations: 0 Continue to have pest control onsite 2 times per month, save receipts, continue cleaning of all areas and must seal ALL outer openings.

Non-critical violations: 2 Observed deli lunch meat cooler at 47° F at time of inspection – maintain at 41° F or lower – correct by January 3, 2020;  observed loading bay doors not tightly closed, must keep closed to prevent entrance of mice – correct by January 3, 2020.

Will re-inspect in 3 months (March).

Re-inspection Date: October 31, 2019

Critical violations: 1 Observed mouse droppings still visible in warehouse storage areas – noted improvements made from previous inspection.  Must continue to  have pest control on-site 2 timer per month until problem resolved – continue cleaning/organization of warehouse – must seal all outer openings – clean all store stock shelves underneath  as time allows.

Non-critical violations: 0

Will re-inspect in 2 months (December).