Cash Saver

Cash Saver

Inspection Date: August 31, 2018

Critical violations: 2 Observed presence of mice in back refrigeration control/mechanical room – mouse droppings throughout, must clean and organize area and seal all holes/outer openings; observed no hot water at meat department hand sink – must reach 70° F 1 minute after turning on – must reach and maintain 100° F. Correct above violations by 9-7-18.

Non-critical violations: 5 Observed no paper towels available at dispenser in produce area hand sink; observed deli walk-in cooler at 46° F at time of inspection – must maintain at 41° F or lower; observed back receiving area/storage in need of cleaning/organizing – dirty floors and walls; observed meat department walk-in coolers in need of deep cleaning of floors and walls (under shelving); observed shelving in walk-in cooler across from restrooms in need of replacement due to rust.  Correct by 9-28-18. Clean/organize storeroom on side of store.  Will re-inspect in 1 month – violations must be corrected.

Inspection Date: January 22, 2018

Critical violations: 0

Non-critical violations: 4 Observed all walk-in coolers and freezer floors, walls, shelving and fan covers in need of cleaning; observed no paper towels at produce prep area hand sink; observed prep employees in deli without proper hair restraint – hat, hairnet or visor required; observed walk-in cooler near restrooms at 47° F at time of inspection – must maintain at 41° F or lower.

Will re-inspect in 1 month (Feb.)

Re-inspection Date: February 23, 2018

Critical: 0

Non-critical: 2 Observed walk-in cooler fan covers and meat room fan covers in need of dusting/cleaning; observed paper towels not in dispenser at produce hand sink – must be dispensed.