Inspection Date: August 1, 2018

Critical violations: 01 Observed food products not properly labeled and dated in walk-in cooler – label all products with type of product and date prepared or date that product must be used by.

Non-critical violations: 4 Observed thermometers needed in salsa cooler for proper temperature monitoring –corrected on-site; observed ice machine in need of cleaning due to accumulation of buildup – corrected on-site; observed cleaning products/mops stored in prep area –corrected on-site; observed employee hand wash signs needed for restrooms.

Inspection Date: February 23, 2018

Critical violations: 0

Non-critical violations: 2 Observed frozen product stored at room temperature to defrost – defrost frozen product in refrigeration/walk-in cooler; corrected on-site; observed prep area hand sink blocked/inaccessible with food product – keep sink open/available for hand washing –corrected on-site.