Family Planning

The text "Family Planning" over a picture of hands cupping a paper stick family.

Howell County Health Department offers Family Planning and reproductive health services to women that include:  

  • PAP smear screenings and referrals
  • Physical examinations by a Doctor or Nurse Practitioner
  • Birth control supplies
  • Pregnancy testing
  • HIV and Sexually transmitted disease testing

Limited services are also available to men.  Services are provided free of charge to clients whose incomes do not exceed 100% of the federal poverty level and are offered on a sliding scale for clients with incomes up to 250% of the federal poverty level.

For additional information on these services, contact

Kathy Doss, RN
Director of Nursing
Email:  [email protected]

Our Family Planning services are preconception services that limit or enhance fertility, including contraception methods, the management of infertility, preconception counseling, education, and general reproductive health care.