King Garden Buffet

King Garden Buffet

Work Order:  January 31, 2020

On-site for re-inspection from November 2019 – continued violations include:  Prep area hand sinks not  operational for proper hand washing, must be able to turn on/off hot water from faucet, not at water line, have plumber on-site for correction, must keep sinks operational at all times; observed numerous food stored uncovered in prep/walk in coolers, must keep covered at all times in storage; observed prep employees without hair restraint – must have hat, hair net or visor; observed front hibachi and back vent hoods in need of cleaning; observed deep cleaning needed throughout prep/storage areas.

Must correct violations by February 28, 2020 or closure order will be issued.

Re-inspection Date: November 27, 2019

Critical violations:  1  Observed prep/all hand sinks in prep areas not operational for  proper hand washing practices – must be able to be turned on/off from faucet, not at water line – must repair/keep operational.  If violations continue, work/closure order will be issued.  Correct by January 1, 2020.

Non-critical violations: 2 Observed food stored uncovered in prep coolers and walk-in coolers/freezers – must keep foods covered at all times in storage – correct by December 1, 2019; observed damaged floor tiles, dirty flooring in prep areas, in need of repair/and cleaning – correct by January 1, 2020.

Will re-inspect in 2 months (January).