Snappy Mart #11

Re-inspection Date: November 27, 2018

Critical Violations: 0 Observed previous critical violations corrected.

Non-Critical Violations: 1 Previous non-critical violations corrected except: Observed leak at drain area of prep area hand sink in need of repair – 2nd Notice – correct by 1-1-19.

Will re-inspect in 3 months (February).


Re-inspection Date: October 30, 2018

Critical Violations: 1 Observed improper hand washing due to no hot water/paper towels at prep area hand sink – correct by 11-7-18.

Non-Critical Violations: 4 Observed thermometers needed in all cold storage units for temperature monitoring; observed improper thawing of frozen products at room temperature – refrigeration, cold holding water only; observed leak at prep area hand sink in need of repair; observed vent hood/fryer floor area in need of cleaning.

Will re-inspect in 1 month (November).  Hand sink must be corrected and remain operations or closure order will be issued.