Town & Country Supermarket

Town & Country Supermarket

Re-inspection Date:  May 1, 2019

Critical violations: 0 Previous critical violations corrected, with cleaning log in place – continue set cleaning/documentation.

Non-critical violations:  0 Previous non-critical violations corrected.

Re-inspection Date:  April 15, 2019

Critical violations: 1 Observed saw in meat department with food debri/not properly cleaned and sanitized, and without proper documentation logs for cleaning – must clean entire saw after each use and have logs for cleaning dates/times for saws and sliders – have documentation in place by May 1, 2019.

Non-critical violations:  1 Observed ice accumulation in large walk-in freezer in need of repair to prevent possible contamination of food items – correct by May 1, 2019.

Will re-inspect on May 1, 2019.