A Vital Public Health Function of the Howell County Health Department.

Howell County Health Dept. is dedicated to promoting the health of residents of Howell County. Communicable diseases are addressed in two ways: prevention/education and reporting /disease tracking.

  • Prevention/Education
    Speakers and programming are available to organizations, work sites, day care centers, etc.
  • Reporting/Disease Tracking
    Reporting communicable, environmental and occupational diseases is required of all laboratories, physicians, hospitals, clinics, or other public/private institutions. In accordance with Chapter 19, CSR 20-20.010 diseases are to be reported to our agency, your local health department.
    Category I diseases or findings shall be reported to the local health department within twenty-four (24) hours of first knowledge or suspicion.

    Category II diseases or finding shall be reported to the local health department within three (3) days of the first knowledge or suspicion.

  • Reporting diseases or agents that occur naturally or that might be a result from a terrorist attack involving biological, radiological, or chemical weapons.

    The occurrence of an outbreak or epidemic of any illness, disease or condition which may be of public health concern. Including illness in a food handler that is potentially transmissible through food. Also public health threats that could result from terrorist activities such as clusters of unusual diseases or manifestations of illness and clusters of unexplained deaths. Such incidents shall be reported to the local health department or the Department of Health and Senior Services by telephone, facsimile, or other rapid communication within twenty-four (24) hours of first knowledge or suspicion.

For a complete list of reportable diseases visit www.dhss.mo.gov. Then go to resources, then disease directory, then reporting rule.  Data is analyzed to identify clusters and trends in disease incidence and/or prevalence, and to identify health risks to the community.

Diseases are monitored and a disease investigation is made to determine contacts or risks to the community. Education, counseling and in some cases prophylaxis treatment is provided.

Tuberculosis Reportable within 24 hours
Tuberculosis Disease

Tuberculosis Reportable within 3 days
Mycobacterial disease other than Tuberculosis (MOTT)
Tuberculosis infection

For more information contact the Communicable Disease Coordinator:

Katey Seiber, RN
Director of Nursing
Email:  Katey.Seiber@lpha.mo.gov

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